Our family lives in the South of France and breeds Bernese Mountain Dogs on a family scale.  We are located in the "Bouches du Rhone" region approximately 30 minutes drive from Aix en Provence and Marseille.  It is in these Provencal hills that our dear dogs grow up and develop.

The dogs know all the roads around here by heart - as well as the Alpine paths and slopes where we bring them both summer and winter.

Now back to beginning:

I am a graduate in canine family and social education, spealizing in "puppy training", and I am proud to put my training and know-how to work for the benefit of my Bernese.  They are raised in a family setting, surrounded by children and other animals, and they live completely freely among us.
We give them from birth all the required attention, treatments and respect they deserve.  This work never stops, and we adhere to the "Charte de l'Eleveur" (Breeder's Charter), a quality designation granted by the French assocation for Swiss Mountain Dogs (AFBS - Association Francaise des Bouviers Suisse).

For the last ten years, we have put our ever-growing and unconditional love and experience for the Bernese to work for our clients and everybody with passion for this wonderful dog!

A challenge, a passion, an adventure which we hope
to share with you!