Education on arrival

When your puppy comes home, everything is unknown and may seem hostile.
Be especially vigilant and attentive when he arrived.

> He will be isolated. Install it on the layer that you have previously prepared..

> Observe the rhythm (a puppy sleeps a lot).
> Talk to him calmly and gently. He's been working you adopt ...

> Show him where he needs to do his business and be patient (but firm) in the toilet training: the strong praise as soon as it is at the desired location, using a "NO" when it closes and elsewhere show him again the right place. You repeat this as many times as necessary, without irritation. If your dog poops in the house during your absence, feign indifference, Do not scold, put the calm exterior and clean without that he sees you do (it would be too much interest to grant it again).


In all learning, Do not bully your dog and understand what constitutes a "mistake" for a human is not it. Example: shredding a shoe, bite a stick, etc.

If you are present at the time of the act, show your disagreement with a "NO" firmly. If you notice the damage at the event, do not scold your puppy (it's too late!).

> If you have children, prevent them from waking the puppy to play with him excessively and especially to take arms. They may unintentionally hurt him or hurt him.

> If you have other dogs, let them know by intervening as little as possible. The hierarchy must be established naturally.

> He should be firmly prohibited:
- All dangerous places and places that you do not want it accesses
- To take the stairs
- Skip
- Stand on their hind legs

> Let your puppy sleep in the place where he will sleep all his life. The hardest part is to resist any tears the first night! "But do not give in, making you a slave to a dog barking!