Quality food, a healthy lifestyle

The Oberland is a large breed dog. Adult at the age of 20 months, it is to raise awareness with.

Since weaning, your puppy has been fed with dry food quality because we believe they provide the nutrients necessary for all its needs. We recommend that you continue this way along the food provided assays for each age.

Up to 6 months: 3 meals a day and then go to 2 meals.

Do not make him make efforts after meals to avoid "twisting stomach, accidents that occur too often, due to an effort that occurs after excessive intake of food.


> Dietary Supplement: A little "more" to grow your Oberland, 2 tablets morning and evening Ostéocynésine (4 to 12 months), sold in homeopathic pharmacy.



The Bernese Mountain Dog requires regular brushing.

Spend it 20 to 30 minutes once a week for a groom who should be primarily a time of sharing. This is an opportunity of "auscultate" to see if all goes well, brush her hair in every direction, combing the areas such as behind the ears and often form the nodes and the underside of the tail and legs. Take advantage of the massage for a bit and check the absence of parasites (ticks, fleas ...). He cleaned the inside of the ears (wipes, essential oils, serum).

In moulting, the brush should allow better growth of hair and ventilation of the skin of your cowherd who would become more healthy and your dog "better about yourself." You can also provide after-operated, a cure yeast diet in small quantities daily, approximately 3 weeks.

In summer, a good shampoo will bring additional comfort if well rinsed and dried. Shampoo mink oil or jojoba.

The normal temperature of a dog is 38.5 °. If it should rise abnormally, do not wait until tomorrow to contact your veterinarian.

The condition of your dog's stool allows a good reading of its overall health: be careful there.