The necessary introduction of the hierarchy

It is essential to establish a hierarchy between you and your puppy as soon as possible.

There are only few studies by specialists of the education and behaviour of dogs.  They point to the conclusion that the psychology of dogs is completely based on its ancester, the wolf.

It is for that reason that you should that the dog needs an alpha male in the group where it is growing up (i.e. your family).  If that is not the case, it will try to take on this role which inevitably will lead to dominating, damaging, and dangerous behaviour.  It is up to you to to take of the role of alpha male and to make this very clear to the puppy from a very young age and to maintain this position for its entire life.

To achieve this, a few important guidelines must be followed:
> the dog must always eat AFTER its master
> it must never settle on your path, on a couch, a bed etc.
> it must always walk behind his master through a door or passage and only when authorized

So be fair and firm but never brutal throughout its life.  And be patient and respectful.  That is fundamental for the psychological equilibrium of your dog and for the harmonious relationship between you.