it is more beautiful act in the world, that the transmission of life …

It is essential for us to transfer to our Bernese the physical and mental qualities of their parents.  To achieve that the knowledge of their origins, the study of their pedigree, their membership of LOF over several generations is as important as a good "filiation" (ce qui veut dire?).  All these elements allow us to ensure a true lineage in keeping with the highest standards for this race that we care so pasionately about.

Our adult dogs - male and female - are registered with the LOF and have hips and elbows x-rayed.  The puppies are sold from the age of 9 weeks with their birth certificate, vaccinated and ID'ed by electronic chip.

Our females while pregnant and when they deliver get a very particular attention.  From the very first breaths, we provide all the care necessary to our puppies and their mother for the well being and long-term health of everybody.

December 2010

des Bayannins
des Chaltries Hurlevent
Click on the photo to see the parents pedigree.